The Art of Cross-Examination… for FREE!

The Art of Cross-Examination

If you’re a trial lawyer, you’ve surely heard of Francis Wellman’s classic treatise, “The Art of Cross-Examination.”  I managed to get my hands on it and wanted to give it to you for free, so go to to to read your copy online or download a copy today!

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5 thoughts on “The Art of Cross-Examination… for FREE!

  1. I first learned of Wellman’s book from one of my law profs–an experienced, retired trial lawyer himself–who taught Trial Technique and Evidence back in the early 50’s at Western Reserve University Law School in Cleveland, Ohio. He recommended Wellman’s book, and I used it as my Bible in private practice in Ohio and later as a Deputy D.A. and later as a Deputy Public defender in California. With the help of Wellman’s book I’m proud to say that one of the California Superior Court judges before whom I appeared was reported to have said that I was the best cross-examiner he had encountered in his many years on the bench. Again, I attribute that to Wellman’s book.

  2. This website is very helpful! This e-book is certainly worth sharing with others. Just one note, though, on page 49, the last line, “Hit it” should be “I lit it.” Thanks so much!

  3. this website is quite helpful.

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    I am handling a criminal case regarding possession of illegal possession of firearm.

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