Maximizing Prior Inconsistent Statements

Used effectively, impeachment by prior inconsistent statements can be devastating. When you catch the witness in a genuine inconsistency on a material issue, you can annihilate the witness’s credibility. As a trial lawyer, you probably love impeaching witnesses with prior inconsistent statements. Most trial lawyers believe that the prior inconsistent statement is the most valuable weapon in their impeachment toolbox. Many trial lawyers are surprised to discover that jurors don’t place as much weight on prior inconsistent statements as we do. Here’s how to maximize the impact of your prior inconsistent statements.

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3 thoughts on “Maximizing Prior Inconsistent Statements

  1. Hi Elliot,
    I’m from Bangladesh. Though there are some differences in the legal systems,I think you’re doing great job for all trial lawyers.Thank you very much & plz keep doing.

  2. Elliot
    Am greatly indebted to you for the infirmative piecse. I am still at law school and they have been a great boost to my Trial Advocacy classes. Keep up the good job. Much greetings from here in Kenya.

  3. Hi Elliot,

    Your advice and comments are very good and I like your humour!

    all the best from Scotland!