Going Back to the Beginning

Newly Admitted Orange County LawyersDo you remember how you felt when you were sworn in as a member of the Bar? For many of us, that may have been the last time we gave much thought to our oath. That’s unfortunate. We worked too hard to become lawyers. Every once in a while, we should take a moment to remind ourselves exactly what it means to be a lawyer.

That’s what I did Wednesday evening. I attended the formal swearing in ceremony for the newest members of the Florida Bar. It was inspiring to watch all of the new lawyers stand and recite the oath of admission to the Bar. If you can’t attend a swearing in ceremony, go to your bar association’s website and search for your Oath of Admission. Take a moment and read it to yourself. It will only take a moment, but hopefully it will remind you what you promised to do, and will rekindle your passion for the law.

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