Steal From Others!

Have you stolen anything recently?

I hope you have. It’s important that you steal from others. In fact, I stole that piece of advice from Judge Pat Siracusa, formerly a senior prosecutor in Clearwater, Florida. During his presentation on opening statements and closing arguments, he instructed the students to watch other trial lawyers, and then steal their very best techniques and arguments.

That’s a great piece of advice, especially if you’re a beginning trial lawyer.

Steal from others. Watch the most experienced trial lawyers in your firm and steal their case preparation methods. When the best trial lawyers in your circuit go to trial, take the day off from work, go to the courthouse, and watch them in trial. Steal their approaches for talking to jurors or presenting evidence. Read books on trial advocacy and steal the author’s ideas on cross-examination or closing argument. Please steal the ideas and techniques you discover here.

Steal from others. Steal everything you can. If you steal enough, and apply it to your courtroom presentations, you’ll become one of the best trial lawyers in your courthouse. Do that, and it won’t be too long before other attorneys start flocking to watch you in trial, so they can steal from you!

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