Direct Examination Webinar

Beyond “What Happened Next?”

How to Create Memorable Direct Examinations Without Boring Your Jurors to Death

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Course Information

The live CLE program was originally presented January 22, 2014 in Tampa, Florida.

Florida CLE course number:  1400231N
Level: Intermediate
Approval Period: January 22, 2014 – July 22, 2015

Here is the outline that I presented to the Florida Bar (in case you want to submit the program for out-of-state CLE credit):

  1. Three Reasons Why Your Last Direct Examination Bombed
  2. “You are Not the Star” – Why Most Lawyers HATE Direct Examination
  3. “One Thing” – What jurors should remember about your direct examination
  4. “Punch the Jurors in the Nose” – The first 60 seconds of your direct examination
  5. Roadmaps and Headlines – Making it easy for jurors to follow
  6. The Magic Words that avoid objections in direct
  7. Give ’em the “How” and the “Why” before the “What” – How to organize your direct for maximum impact
  8. “Look out, you’re gonna get hit!” – The simple language trick that brings testimony to life
  9. “Wow, that’s fast!” – Helping jurors feel the passage of time
  10. “I could reach out and touch him” – Helping jurors see distances
  11. “Poke ’em in the eye (and nose, and ears)” – Touching multiple senses to take jurors into the scene
  12. “W.W.J.A.” – What Would Jurors Ask (if they could)
  13. “Cognitive Schizophrenia” – Ensuring that you get the picture out of your head and into the jurors’ heads
  14. “You’re not listening to me” – The #1 Reason for Divorce (and bad direct examinations, too)
  15. “How to Create Evidence (without losing your bar card)” – The power of asking, “What else?”


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