Trial Lawyer Tip - The Importance of Being Intolerant

The Power of Intolerance

Music is powerful. If I’m running and feeling tired, all I need to do is put on Eye of the Tiger (free download if you have Amazon Prime Music) and I can get a little extra burst of energy to run faster and further than I thought I could. (One of my absolute all-time workout favorites is Sandstorm by…

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The Secrets to Performing Under Pressure

Performing Under Pressure

Parallel parking. If you work in a major city, it’s something that you probably do every day. For example, here’s a picture of where I parked my car outside the courthouse just the other day: Nothing special about it, right? Sure, the car is a little longer than the average sedan, but there’s still plenty of…

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During opening statement and throughout the entire trial, you must be the guide that jurors can trust to keep them safe during trial

Be the Guide They Can Trust

If you’ve never seen a hippopotamus up close before, you’re missing a memorable experience.  In cartoons, they’re portrayed as peaceful, docile creatures that wouldn’t harm a fly.  In the Hungry Hungry Hippos game, they’re colorful, cute, and cuddly.  But that’s not quite true.  They’re huge, temperamental creatures, capable of biting a man in two.  And…

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How to get what you want in the courtroom

Are You (REALLY) Asking for What You Want?

You’ve heard it a hundred times before: “Ask, and ye shall receive.” And each time, you probably said, “Yeah, right. If that was true, I’d have won the lottery last week!” But what if that statement was actually true? Believe it or not, there’s significant truth to that statement. (Maybe that’s why it’s been around…

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Trial Lawyer First Impressions

What image are you projecting?

Image matters. It’s not just what you do, it’s how you do it, and how you convey your image to the public. For example, let’s talk about the hotel/motel industry. At its core, the industry is based upon a simple premise: you give us your money, we’ll give you a temporary place to stay. But within…

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