Cross-examining the Lying Witness

Just ran across this cross-examination article from the Financial Post discussing Edward Greenspan’s cross-examination of David Radler.? Wouldn’t you love to be able to cross-examine a witness like this?? 🙂

Q: You lied to the lawyers from the special committee?

A: I was not forthcoming to the lawyers from the special committee.

Q: Tell me, Mr. Radler, at what point prior to this interview did you decide that you would lie, or not be forthcoming, as you put it?
A: I just went to the interview.
A: [IN A RAISED VOICE]: Sir, there were some questions to which I gave answers that were not totally truthful, i.e., I lied.

Q: Did you stutter when you lied?
A: Sir, I said I lied.
Q: Was there a pause when you lied?
A: Sir, I told lies.
Q: When you lie, do you look a certain way?
A: That’s for others to determine. I can’t view myself.
Q: So you might be lying now?

You won’t get too many chances to cross-examine an admitted liar, so when you do, enjoy the moment!

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